1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
Pivvay's Story

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Running Time: 14 months
Downtime: 12 months
This is my newest toy which I got on February 23, 2002. I had wanted a DSM since I got my driver's licence and with my other vehicles all having only 2 wheels, I figured the four door was the way to go. Plus I like the fact that it is much more of a sleeper than your average DSM. After 3 months of searching, I bought it in a low sleep weekend that involved driving to St.Louis, Missouri from Boulder, Colorado on friday, picking it up saturday and driving back again on sunday. Thanks to my friend Will and my girlfriend Marni for helping with driving duties and Will for using his car. My car had 153,XXX miles on it when I bought it. I have big plans for it and hope to see it hit 200,000 miles and an 10 second quarter mile! Already this summer (2003) it's at 165,000 miles and a 12 second quarter mile at 5800 ft.

Pivvay is a Belize Green 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 with the cassette and sunroof option. It was originally sold in Alabama, one of 30 in 1991 (zero in 1992). Yes, it has a "rebuilt" title. Number 1285 made in 1991 but has no dash plaque so it's official "number" is unknown.

How did the car get the name Pivvay?
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So Pivvay is a rather strange word/name and everyone always asks where it came from. When I bought the car from Katie it was badgeless and key fobless. Therefore there was absolutely no way to know the real number of the car, #/2000. So instead of buying a number that still wouldn't be the car's real number I kept it badgeless. One night shortly after purchasing the car, Marni and I found a nametag at the Mann theater. Apparrently "Ryan" lost it or got fired, but I was going to keep the name tag anyway. When I pulled off the tape and the letters underneath were actually a bunch of different letter arranged to spell "Ryan". Since my name isn't Ryan I rearranged them to try and spell anything. The result was "Pivvay". Noting that the nametag is "similar" to a real badge in size, color and shape, we taped it up to the dash and that's been the name of the car ever since. So now everywhere I go, I get asked what the h**l does "Pivvay" mean. Well now you know.

PROD DATE: 08/06/1990
RETAIL DT: 07/24/1991
The transfer case and 02 sensor recalls both open. Last owner shown in Tennessee but it was bought in Missouri.